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Some magnesium materials enterprises to the steel mills issued a price increase

June 11,2017      views

Henan a production of magnesium dry-type materials, magnesia-carbon bricks of enterprises to a steel enterprises in Zhejiang issued a price increase letter, the request since May 1, tons of steel prices up 25%, the specific contents are as follows:

"Our company is your unit of Magnesia carbon brick ladle, tundish magnesia dry-type material for the main units, the production process of the main raw materials for carbon powder, binders and fused magnesia." As a result of April 25, the central Environmental Supervision Group stationed in Liaoning province, government action to control the distribution of gunpowder and ban small magnesia enterprises, resulting in the Liaoning Magnesia enterprises almost all discontinued, take off, stop, and brick measures, and strive to environmental protection after the production of a separate, at this stage 97 electric fused Magnesia factory tax price has exceeded 3600 yuan/ton, 98 fused Magnesia factory tax price more than 3950 yuan/ton, the increase is March 35%, and supply of special tension. Combined with the above situation, our company decided to increase the price of the original contracted ton of steel from May 1, 2017 to 25%. ”

In the case of high prices of magnesia raw materials, but no goods, magnesia refractory enterprises have been unable to withstand the pressure of loss, in recent days, the downstream end-users issued a price letter.

At present, downstream end-users, although the price hike is not much, but has been given a price increase reply. In addition to a special steel enterprises to customer price increases of 15%, just get news Fujian three steel ladle brick enterprises to increase the price of 10%.

In this very difficult node, Magnesia refractories urgently hope downstream end users can be associated with it.

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