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China output of magnesia refractories up 34.39% YoY in May 2018

July 10,2018      views

Editor: Adam Zhang

China output of magnesia refractories keeps growing during the first five months despite strict environment inspection.

In the case of ample supply and flat prices of magnesia, output of magnesia based refractories realized a year-on-year increase of 34.39% in May and 5.23% during Jan.-May, 2018.

During the first five months, China output of aluminasilicate refractories declined by 10.01% YoY, down 21.14% YoY in May; while that of other refractories slumped 35.68% YoY, edging down 2.35% YoY in May.

It is worth mentioning that China output of functional refractories grew by 11.87% YoY in Jan. - May period, and nudged up 8.85% YoY in May.

Output of China major refractories manufacturers edged down 0.08% YoY during the first five months, and boosted 9.96% YoY in May.

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