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Tabular Corundum Recent Market and Trends

August 15,2018      views

Editor: Lena

As one of the important raw materials for refractory bricks and refractory castables, the price trend of tabular corundum has received much attention. Shandong, Jiangsu and Henan are important production sites for tabular corundum. According to Xiaobian, the price fluctuation was large in the first half of the year.

From January to March, the tabular corundum was basically in a stable state. The average price in Henan was 6,200 yuan/ton, and the average price in Jiangsu was 5,600 yuan/ton. In mid-March, as the price of alumina continued to soar, in April, the price rose to a new height. The price in Henan reached an average price of 6,900 yuan/ton, and the average price in Jiangsu was 6,300 yuan/ton. The prices of May and June are basically the same as the April prices. In July, as the price of alumina fell, the price of tabular corundum also showed a decline. Henan is still the leader in the price of the three regions with an average price of 6,450 yuan, the average price of Jiangsu is 6,000 yuan / ton, and the average price of Shandong is 6,050 yuan / ton.

In early August, some brown corundum enterprise's product quotation is no longer arbitrary. The price of brown corundum company is very cautious to the customer inquiry without definite purchase time and intention.

Northeast Asia Magnesia Materials Exchange will pay close attention to its market.

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