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Domestic magnesia market stocks are tight

November 07,2018      views

Editor: Lena

Recently, the production of magnesia in the Dashiqiao area of Liaoning Province has all been suspended for rectification. As a result, local sources of supply are gradually decreasing and inventory consumption is faster. Enterprises began to go to Haicheng to find goods, which led to the tight supply of goods in Haicheng. Market participants have long been bullish on the magnesia market, and manufacturers in Haicheng are running low on inventory, so they are selling sparingly. Although the market price of magnesia has been on the rise, most manufacturers do not ship, so the actual transaction is not much.

Recently, we interviewed enterprises to learn that many enterprises have a small stock of many types of magnesia. Although the manufacturer's offer is on the rise, there are few sources of supply.

At present, ex-factory price including tax of 92 dead-burned magnesia is about 1400-1750 yuan/ton. The middle grade dead-burned magnesia is about 3200-3900 yuan/ton. The mainstream quotation of fused magnesia market is 4,700-5,200 yuan/ton. The price of 97 fused magnesia is about 6000-6500 yuan/ton. The price of 92 fused magnesia is about 1400-1750 yuan/ton.

According to a Haicheng company, the grain size material of 91 fused magnesia is about 1650 yuan/ton, the lump material of 92 fused magnesia is about 1550 yuan/ton. Each of these two goods has only about 100 tons of stock. There is almost no stock of dead-burned magnesia.

A company in Dashiqiao also revealed that the dead-burned magnesia is not for sale because the market price seems to increase, thus they will wait and see.

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