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Partial shutdown kilns resume production

December 13,2018      views


Last week, the Central Environmental Protection Review“Looking Back”was over, but the government’s environmental protection efforts in the Dashiqiao area of Liaoning remained undiminished. On December 5th, the Nanlou Economic Development Zone of Dashiqiao City carried out an investigation of illegal discharges and illegal construction activities, further consolidating the achievements of environmental protection and ensuring effective comprehensive environmental improvement work in the region and persisting for a long time.

It can be seen that environmental protection will be normalized and the environmental protection review of the magnesia industry will continue.

It is reported that the kilns that was shut down in Liaoning Province in the previous period will be re-produced after passing the rectification. Last week, it was reported that after the environmental protection acceptance, some of the burned magnesia enterprises in Dashiqiao City will gradually resume production and ignite the kiln. If the company starts production gradually, it will increase the supply of magnesia on the market. However, due to the comprehensive influence factors, it is expected that the output will not increase too much, and the magnesia market will remain stable in a short period of time.

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