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Market trend before the Spring Festival: environmental review continues and fused magnesia market steady in the rise

December 20,2018      views

Editor: Lena

    It is well known that dust will be generated in the production process of magnesia, which will cause pollution to the environment. Therefore, environmental protection of magnesia industry has been the focus of attention in recent years. At the beginning of December, the second batch of central ecological environmental protection work was completed in Liaoning. Among them, the magnesia enterprises in Liaoning Province are the key targets of this environmental protection supervision.The central environmental protection is over, everyone should have relaxed, but the environmental protection work in Liaoning Province has come again. It can be seen that the state and the government are controlling the magnesia.

  During the environmental protection period, the magnesia enterprises were all examined, and those who passed the qualifications were allowed to start work, but there were also some opportunistic people who tried their best to produce them. This is not a long-term way of survival. Instead of being sneaky and fearful, it is better to respond to the government's call to improve environmentally-friendly dust-removing equipment. After passing the test, it will run smoothly and smoothly. This is the correct long-term operation.

  At the end of the year, the steel mills began to stock up, and the sales of fused magnesia were smooth, and the price did not change much for the time being, and basically remained stable. 

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