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Domestic metal aluminum powder market stable this month

December 26,2018      views

Editor: Lena

In December, the domestic metal aluminum powder market was stable, and the factorys ex-factory price maintained the previous level. At present, the domestic mainstream price of 200-mesh non-spherical metal aluminum powder is 17000-18500 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of metal aluminum powder spherical market is 16500-18000 yuan/ton, and some high-end quotations are around 20,000 yuan/ton (all of which are ex-factory) Tax price. The actual transaction price will be adjusted flexibly by the manufacturer according to customer procurement and product quality.

The price of aluminum ingots is currently weak, and the current market price is at 13,550 yuan / to. Recently, aluminum ingot stocks have continued to decline. Alumina prices have fallen, and support for aluminum prices is limited. The heating season is less than expected, and the market supply has formed some resistance to the price increase of aluminum ingots. Metal aluminum powder is difficult to rise.

Near the end of the year, the government's environmental protection and production policy has continued. However, from the perspective of maintaining customers, manufacturers have not considered to increase the price. As far as the current situation is concerned, the metal aluminum powder market will be stable for the end of this years.

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