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Good news for the 2019 opening: Haicheng to send explosives!

January 04,2019      views


 The editor learned from the seminar on magnesia import and export in Liaoning province that in the first half of 2019, the Haicheng government will release explosives, and the recovery of the magnesite mine is just around the corner!

 In the first half of 2019, the government will issue explosives to all qualified mining enterprises. However, enterprises can not be arbitrarily exploited, and limited mining is required.The mining amount of enterprises cannot exceed 80% allowed by the Ministry of Land and Resources, and the quantity is strictly controlled.There are metering stations on the roads where the mines leave, and many roads are also set up with multiple checkpoints.

 Enterprises have been hoping for explosives to be released and now the government has made it clear that qualified ones will get it. After the Haicheng explosives are released, the ore output will increase and the price will drop. The lost foreign market will gradually return back.

 However, the price of ore is also supported by environmental protection, mine safety control, artificial occupational disease prevention and other costs, so even if the amount of mining increases, the decline will not be too large.

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