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Magnesia import and export symposium of Liaoning province held in Dalian

January 09,2019      views


On December 27, 2018, the symposium on the import and export of magnesia in Liaoning Province organized by the Liaoning Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association was held in Dalian.

What signals did the conference release?

1. The Customs cancels the inspection of magnesium oxide content, and the cost of export enterprises will drop sharply.

2. In the first half of 2019, Haicheng will continue to issue explosives, mining will gradually recover, and the lost market will gradually return.

3. Environmental protection has been regularized. The Haicheng Magnesite Mine will implement limited mining and production is expected to be halved. The price of magnesia will not return to the low level before 2017, nor will it rise indefinitely, and will run smoothly at a relatively scientific and rational price.

4. With the establishment of Liaoning Lingmei Mining Co., Ltd., the integration of mines in Haicheng City has achieved initial results.

5. After the 2017 magnesia storm, it is proved once again that the alkaline refractory material of Liaoning magnesite industry has high temperature resistance and no substituteability.

6. Although the integration of Haicheng Mine and environmental protection have achieved initial results, the development of Liaoning's magnesium industry is not balanced, and the hidden dangers of overcapacity of magnesium raw materials still exist.

7. The resource position of liaoning magnesium industry is obvious.

8The former Provincial Magnesium Office is now renamed Liaoning Province Special Resource Industry Development Center.

The organization will continue to support and care for the development of Liaoning magnesite industry, support the Liaoning Non-Metallic Mining Industry Association, and continue to serve the industry.

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